Work-Web Tutorial 1 – Job Management

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Types of jobsThe types of jobs offered on the HIMAA Jobs website.

  1. Featured Job*: This job is the priciest option available to people who are not members. Featured jobs stand out on the job board, and they are always placed at the top before the regular job listings. Placing job listings at the top of the list happens automatically without the need for any human input.
  2. Featured Job – Member*: This is exactly the same as ‘Featured Job’ except at a discounted rate for Members (Members MUST provide their membership detail when submitting using this job type). HIMAA staff will then verify this information on the ‘Membes’ Dashboard before taking further action.
  3. Member – This job is available at a discounted rate exclusively for members. To take advantage of this discount, members need to provide their membership details. HIMAA staff will then verify this information on the ‘Membes’ Dashboard before taking further action.
  4. Non-Member: This is a regular job type available to non-members.
  5. All prices listed are exclusive of GST.

* This job requires sending an EDM to all members in the database who are currently active.


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DashboardThis is what you see when you log into the HIMAA Work-Web site back-end

  1. This is the first thing you see when you log in to the WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. This section is where you can see a list of all the jobs & payments that have been submitted and manage them. You can keep track of everything from this spot.
  3. This is the place where invoices are created when someone asks for them.
  4. This is the place where you can log out of the HIMAA Jobs website.


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Job BoardIn this section, you can view a list of all the job submissions and take actions to manage them.

  1. Status Filter: The status filter is a tool that provides a list of filters enabling you to easily see jobs categorised by their current status.
  2. Current Status: In this column, you can see the current status of the job listed in each row. The different status types you might come across are: Awaiting Approval, Awaiting Payment, Active and Inactive.
  3. To review or activate the job, simply click on the job title. This action will take you to a new page displaying all the necessary information about the job.


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Job ManagementIn this section, you can check for Membership details and activate the job.

  1. Membership Details: Before activating a job at a member’s discounted rate, it’s important to confirm their membership status by checking their membership number and name on the Membes dashboard to ensure they are currently active members. Sometimes, individuals submit jobs at the discounted rate for members without providing their membership information. In such cases, you should reach out to them asking for these details. Inform them that if the required information is not supplied within 3 working days, the job will be canceled, and their payment will be refunded. To process the refund, contact either me at or Accounts. However, ensure you retain the job record until the refund is completed.
  2. Activation: Once you have confirmed all the necessary details and everything is in order, you should tick the box that says “Listing is approved.”
  3. Please make sure to click on the “Update” button in order for the job listing to be approved.
  4. Make sure to check the “Display job as featured job” option if the job is a featured one. It will be automatically checked if the client has submitted the job as a featured job.

CouponsCoupons for Organisations

Coupons are special discount codes made by HIMAA specifically for organisations when they sign up for membership. These coupons typically enable the organisation to access three work-webs for free each membership year at a full 100% discount. To get the most up-to-date information on the terms and conditions, please reach out to Philida Chew. Keeping track of all the codes is done through a log that is actively managed either by the Membership Officer or the previous ESO.

The system handles the task of updating coupons without manual intervention. When an organisation uses a coupon, the system keeps track of how many times it has been used and compares it to the maximum usage limit for that specific coupon. Moreover, the system automatically labels the coupon as expired once the expiration date specified for the code is reached.

Please email me at to have coupons created